Forest school 🍃

We had lots of fun in the woods this morning! We used our binoculars to look up into the trees and see how many birds we could find, we even looked for their nests! We enjoyed having our snack outdoors, it was like a little picnic 🙂 we also had lots of fun playing on the tyre swing, we helped each other clomb on and off and pushed each other! 

Painting with cotton buds 🎨

The under 2s have been really busy this morning creating their own pictures using cotton buds and paint. They really enjoyed dipping the cotton buds in the different coloured paints and marking them on paper. They mixed the colours together and created different marks by dotting and dabbing the paint. Take a look at some of their pictures! 

Group time – Autumn adventure

At group time we went on an autumn walk to find lots of different coloured leaves, to take back to nursery to put them into our sensory tray to let all the children explore them.We had lots of fun walking around looking for different colours and the sounds they made under our shoes as we stepped on them, crunch crunch. 🍁🍂🍃🌳

Group messy play

Our under 2’s have loved our messy play session, they enjoyed exploring the textures of the custard and rice pudding. They explored the different bowls using their hands and the resources set out and enjoyed having a sneaky taste. 


The under 2’s have been really busy today, they have had lots of fun playing with different types of transport and moving them around on the car mat. They enjoyed playing together and interacting with each other,  using lots of language throughout their play. They especially enjoyed the interactive vehicles pressing the buttons on them and watching them move around the rug. Look at them involved in their play….