Footprints 👣

We’ve had so much fun this afternoon making marks with our hands and feet. We decided to get out lots of different coloured paints and make lots of lovely patterns. Harry decided he wanted to paint his own feet and did such a good job. Amelia and seth enjoyed having a little conversation whilst they used the paint brushes with such good control. Alexandra created a line of handprints independently, been very careful to keep such a neat line. A lovely afternoon.

Little Assistants

Clare’s little assistants today are Holly and Ollie.

Holly and Ollie were chosen to be Clare’s Assistants today because they always do good sitting at lunch time and try all their foods, the children will be helping to serve the other children if they would like extra lunch, if they need more water and will be helping to clear away all the cups and plates when everyone has finished their meals. Holly and Ollie are also encouraging the younger children to remember to say please and thank you.

I wonder who will be chosen to help tomorrow? 😊

Making gruffalo crumble 🍴🍴

Today we made gruffalo crumble using the recepie from the story, children enjoyed exploring the ingredients and getting involved in the steps of baking. They showed lots of interest watching eyp’s then copying actions themselves and baking together. Their favourite part was tasting the crumble with custard!

It’s the Gruffalo 🌲🌲🌲

This week our book of the week has been the ‘Gruffalo’. What better way to get the children involved by introducing the story sack to them, they have loved listening to the story and watching eyp use the puppets.

They really enjoyed using the puppets themselves to re inact the story and used lots of sounds through their play.